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Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to hire an attorney can be difficult. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about that process and the Law Office of Cynthia Tyler.

  • How do I contact Cynthia Tyler?

    • Call 415-574-0494 or fill out the contact form on this website.

  • How can I have a consultation?

    • Call 415-574-0494 to request a consultation and a receptionist will help schedule the appointment, or go to the appointments page and schedule a consultation (via Calendly). A consultation is usually $125 and usually lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Do you do phone consultations?

    • In certain situations, where you live far away or are unable to arrive to the office, I may offer a consultation by phone. However, it depends on the situation and it is no problem to ask.

  • What happens at a consultation?

    • At a consultation, you will sit down with the attorney and discuss your case. The attorney will ask you questions and work to help you decide what legal options exist in your specific situation.  Having a consultation is an important time. You should ask the attorney questions and seek legal help, and you should also decide if you want the attorney to represent you. Similarly, the attorney will decide if she can represent you.

    • At the Law Office of Cynthia Tyler, a consultation will last about 45 minutes, and you will be asked a lot of questions about your life and the legal issues you do know about, but also possibly things that you have not thought about in order to screen for any other legal remedies. At the end, the goal is to make sure that you know your legal rights and have the knowledge to make the best possible decision.

  • What should I bring to a consultation?

    • Generally, you should bring all documents that you have that relate to what you intend to ask about at the consultation. For example, if you have question about immigration law, then you should bring any documents you may have from USCIS or the immigration court.

  • What happens after a consultation?

    • After a consultation, if the attorney agrees to represent you, you can sign a contract and become a client. The attorney will begin work on your case. If the attorney cannot represent you, ask for a referral to another organization or attorney.

  • Where is the Law Office of Cynthia Tyler located?

    • The address is 125 12th Street, Suite 100-BALI, Oakland, CA 94607. The office is within the Bay Area Legal Incubator ("BALI") space within the Alameda County Law Library. Go inside the law library and walk towards the stairs in the back of the library. Walk up to the 2nd floor, then look for BALI and go to that door. Inside, you’ll find the office. The Law Office of Cynthia Tyler is within the Bay Area Legal Incubator, where there are several different law offices. Normally, we will have our meeting inside a conference room. You can wait for Ms. Tyler to meet with you in the waiting area.

  • What is the Bay Area Legal Incubator and why is your office there?

    • The law office was created around the idea that quality legal help should be coupled with client education, empathy and compassion, and also be affordable. For this reason, the office is housed in the Bay Area Legal Incubator, a space within the Alameda County Law Library, which fosters solo attorneys’ businesses into thriving law firms that all serve at least 50% modest means clients.​ Learn more here:

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    • Yes, the Law Office of Cynthia Tyler accepts credit cards.

  • What kinds of cases do you take?

    • This office is a full service immigration and nationality law firm. The attorney handles family-based cases, employment-based cases, and cases involving removal defense and asylum.

  • Can I come with my children to your office?

    • Yes, you may bring your children. At this moment, there is a seating area with toys that children may play with while in the office. But there is no special children’s area and no childcare.

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